Welcome to Adelaide Mobile Vet Service

Adelaide Mobile Vet was established in1999 to deliver a comprehensive range of in-home veterinary services in the Adelaide metropolitan area. Our principal vet Dr Brett Boling has over 30 years’ experience and has completed post-graduate training in orthopaedic surgery, soft tissue surgery, cardiac and respiratory medicine, advanced diagnostic and clinical therapeutics. He also has had more than 10 years’ experience in emergency medicine prior to starting Adelaide Mobile Vet.

Dr Brett Boling Ms Manyana Starkie JP Sunny

Dr Brett Boling

Ms Manyana Starkie JP (Yana)


Our Business Manager Ms Manyana (Yana) Starkie JP Adv Dip MST, Dip RM, RT, Cert PMP (Adel University) has been running our veterinary businesses since 2000. Not only does she keep our businesses on track in all areas, she also has extensive experience in helping our clients through often difficult times with their pets' issues. Yana has also successfully completed a course in Dog Psychology and Training and often practises her skills on Sunny. Please feel free to call her regarding the services our clinic provides.

Sunny joined our team Christmas 2016 as brother to Tommy. He is still trying to remember all the lessons his predecessor and mentor, Tommy, taught him. Occasionally, a puppy gate still needs to contain his exuberance for play and cuddles from anyone entering our clinics.

Most medical cases and routine procedures, such as vaccinations, can be completed in the home. However, our new purpose built facilities allows us to provide optimal hospital and surgical services, to those patients requiring more advanced procedures.

Our pick up and delivery option is an integral part of our complete service and enables us to transport pets requiring in clinic treatment or surgery.

Please take the time to tour through our website to view photos of our new clinic and see the extensive range of products and services we have to offer.